These 9 headwrap tutorials will have you looking like a queen all spring

Nothing makes you feel like an instant QUEEN more than a headwrap, turban, duku, or gele. Rooted in African history, these decorative wraps have become a mainstay on runways, in editorials, and on the street style scene.

If you’ve ever wanted to master the art of tying a headwrap to elevate your spring/summer style (or hide a bad hair day) look no further. We did a little Instagram digging and found a slew of tutorials that make tying a headwrap look easy peasy.

Grab a scarf or a couple yards of fabric and start practicing with the help of these mini tutorials.

The unicorn

Consider this turban tying 101.

The double bun

To create a taller bun, Paola Mathé starts by creating a headwrap with three stacked knots. Then, she does the same technique with the second piece of fabric to finish the look.

The twist and tuck

This method relies on twisting instead of knotting. Simply twist in the front and repeat until you’re out of fabric, tuck the ends, and you’re set!

The bodacious bow

In the wise words of @timakosaa, “If you can tie ya damn shoelaces, you can tie a bow.”

The crown

Knot your fabric behind your head, create a twist, and tuck the end. So simple, so chic.

Bunny ears bow

Remember how you tied your shoelaces as a kid? That same technique makes for a killer turban.

The square knot

Consider this the minimalist’s take on headwraps.

The asymmetric hijab

A trendy take on a classic style.

The cherry on top

Got a buzz cut? Ball up a bit of extra fabric to add height and fullness.

Take that bad hair days!

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