He Paints Happy Trees (And Dogs, Too): George W. Bush Gets Artistic

These days, he’s not signing bills. Instead, he’s signing canvas. George W. Bush has found himself a hobby – painting – and he’s pretty great at it. Not “aww, that’s cute” great. Like, “dang, I never would have guessed” great. Before you roll your eyes and say “Dubya sucks at everything!”, at least admire this painting of his late terrier Barney. It turns out, the former Mr. Prez can paint a mean Maltipoo. Yes, W has taken lessons and become quite the artist. And when I say artist, I emphasize the “i”, as in, “I’m an artist, Laura!”

Lots of people paint. But it’s interesting when we discover an unlikely person has a talent. Getting a peek inside a public figure’s private life is terribly interesting. It’s the same reason we used to love MTV Cribs. Especially when that public figure, who appeared militant and confidant for so many years, exposes a softer, right-brained version of himself. The guy who used to travel via Air Force One and live in a home with 35 bathrooms is also a painter. Did you ever peg him for a painter?

This all began after the loss of his family dog, Barney. I’m glad W found a positive, constructive way to express himself after his loss. He began with dog portraits, and has moved on to landscapes. According to the article, he’s painted around 50 dogs. WHERE ARE ALL THE PAINTINGS? Can we see them? Maybe he can fill veterinarian offices with his work, à la Lily Aldren on HIMYM. Does he only paint small dogs? Will he paint Bo Obama? Has he ever painted a Mastiff? Does he use live dog models? Do they ever fall asleep on the job? Would he ever paint a cat?

But wait, hasn’t this story been in the news before? A painting former prez is difficult to forget. Yes, that’s right; I remember now. A few months ago, the Bush family made news for their email accounts being hacked, and some personal family details were released, including two paintings of a man bathing. Paintings painted by the W himself. Reactions were varied, if I remember, but really, what does it matter? The man isn’t president anymore, and even if he was, would it matter what he painted? Every art class tackles (FIGURATIVELY, GUYS) nude subjects at some point. To each his own, but I would prefer to see W’s dog collection.

Dubya: if you’re reading this, can I commission you to paint my black lab, Pearl? Also, I really like your striped painting apron.

What will Obama do after he leaves office? Probably Dancing With the Stars.

Featured image via Washington Post