He Gave You What?!

Gifts. We all get them and we all give them. And when it comes to giving gifts in relationships, the stakes couldn’t be higher. When it’s good, it’s great and when it’s bad, it’s disastrous. As founder of a website dedicated to offloading unwanted gifts from ex-lovers, neverlikeditanyway.com, I suddenly know more about giving-good-gift than I’d ever imagined! This week, we’re going to dive in to the wide and wonderful world of gifts bought at a drugstore. While not exactly the Tiffany’s of gift giving, it doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend is a scrub. Let’s have a look at the spread.

The Gift: Travel size toiletries

They probably meant:“You already have the big bottles, so I thought you’d want the little ones for all your work trips.”

How it came off: “Um… Was this the only store open on the way home?”

Now what?  The optimist in me says perhaps it’s part one of two and the ‘real gift’, like tickets to Aruba or Iceland, is on its way. If this isn’t the case, be honest. Without the dramatics, call a present amnesty and try again.

Points for trying: 2/10

The Gift: 3-pack of tights

They probably meant: “I know you’re always putting runners in your stockings, so I’m topping up your collection.”

How it came off: “He thinks I buy my tights at a drugstore?”

Now what? Here’s your chance to flaunt your style (and maturity!) by seeing this hiccup as an education opportunity. Organize an outing to Agent Provocateur and show him what stockings are all about!

Points for trying: 4/10

The Gift: Your Favorite Face Cream

They probably meant: “I know it’s your favorite and how you hate running out of it.”

How it came off: “He thinks I’m getting wrinkly!”

Now what? Let’s focus on the ginormous positive here: he notices your face cream. This is a big deal! Amazing, in fact! Your next move is to divert his extraordinarily attentive eye to something you really want.

Points for trying: 8/10

So there you have it. Before you turn up the break up playlist, in the words of Axl Rose, perhaps all we need is just a little patience.

Featured images via ShutterStock