HBO just released some new script pages to make fans’ souls as dead as Jon Snow

Are you aware that it has been 276 days since Jon Snow “””~died~””” and we are STILL TALKING ABOUT IT?

The Game of Thrones Season 5 finale, “Mother’s Mercy” aired on June 14th 2015. Now, some nine months later — which is enough time to have a BABY — his fate is still up in the air. First, he’s dead. Then he’s not dead. Then he’s just wandering around the Game of Thrones shooting locations, with the hair and the costume and who knows what we’re supposed to believe anymore. Because yeah sure, he’s coming back. But then Kit Harington states that he’s dead, because he’s is playing a corpse in the new season. But then he’s totally glimpsed for a split second in the new Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer and all this back and forth is a severe case of whiplash.

And now, for those trying to keep track of this at home, here’s another notch we can add to the “totally dead” column: Entertainment Weekly has the last three pages of the script for “Mother’s Mercy” that state, what appears to be once and for all, that Jon Snow is dead. Check them out:




In case it’s hard to read the small, fine print on these script pages, here’s the final page, with the Jon-Snow-dead part clearly highlighted:


And there’s our 100% proof! ……………..or is it?

Because, see, not that we spent a whole lot of time looking at these images, silently weeping and stuff, but all three of these pages are from three different scrips, all with different dates. The first page is from July 2014, the second is from December 2014, and the third from April 2014. Maybe it’s just a mistake, and this was, in fact, the final shooting script made up of a combination of different pages. Or, HBO is clearly still throwing to throw us completely off track by taking three separate pages from three different script revisions to cleverly omit certain things.

Or maybe this Jon Snow nightmare saga has just been going on for so long, I know nothing myself.

At least there are only 40 days to go until THIS ALL ENDS. HOPEFULLY. (But the biggest troll to end all trolls would be for GoT to not even feature the Wall in the first episode back for Season 6, and oh god, please make it all stop.)

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