HBO got moms to read the dirtiest lines their TV star kids have said, and it’s amazingly NSFW

Do you ever wonder what celebrity’s moms think when they recite a particularly offensive line on TV?

Well, HBO took that idea one step further by not only having stars’ moms read their kids’ NSFW lines, but also recite them aloud.

The results are particularly delightful. And it turns out, some moms are a lot comfortable with profanity than others.

HBO rounded up the mothers of Tony Hale (Veep), Rob Corddry (Ballers), Sarah Jessica Parker (Divorce), Issa Rae (Insecure), and Pete Holmes (Crashing). Then, while the cameras were rolling, they read profane lines from their famous kids’ TV shows.

Each of the moms takes their reading in stride. They all say some pretty, well, surprising phrases. And, even though we’ve heard them before, they certainly have a new spin coming out of these motherly mouths.

And we have to admit, when Tony Hale’s mom, Rita, asks, “Do I look like a pimp to you?” we almost died from laughter.

Though hearing poor Rob Corrdry’s mama say, “When you smoke enough crack, anything feels legit,” was a close second.

There are points where it starts to get a little too inappropriate – like poor Pete Holmes’ mom discussing a certain, ahem, hand towel.

But overall, they’re delightfully fun.

And don’t worry, there are plenty outtakes of moms being completely scandalized.

Watch the full video below:

Celeb mothers — they’re just like ours!

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