5 totally unrealistic things from “Girls” we wish could actually happen to us


The series finale of HBO’s Girls is TONIGHT. We can’t believe it. This really is the end of an era.

The series was originally deemed a younger, grittier Sex and the City. But over the years, we got just as much fantasy wish fulfillment from Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna as we did from Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. And that’s not to say Girls didn’t get gritty. Because, ya know, it DEFINITELY DID. But there were also tons of awesome things that happened to Hannah and co. that we would LOVE to happen to us.

Below, our favorite maybe-not-that-realistic but oh-my-gosh-so-so-so-awesome things that happened on Girls.

1. Hannah and Marnie’s apartment


Well, okay, it wasn’t JUST Hannah and Marnie’s apartment. A lot of the Girls characters have lived here over the years. But the point is, IT’S HUGE. And with NYC rent, it has to be, what, 3k a month at least! And the people who live here…never seem to have full-time jobs, do they? To quote Mariah, it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of fantasy apartments…

2. Shoshanna’s job in Japan

Can someone please drop us an amazing job into our laps that lets us go live the expat life for a hot minute? Dreams, dreams, dreams.

3. Hannah’s writing career

True, she had some ups and downs. But still, for a girl who hasn’t hit 30, Ms. Horvath has truly achieved the stuff of writerly dreams. A book contract! A job at GQ! Iowa’s MFA program! A job teaching “the internet” at a really freaking pretty university in upstate New York! (And she didn’t even have to finish her MFA!)

Of course, Hannah’s not the only character who got to have a Fantasy Twenty-Something Career. Remember when Adam went from being a part-time woodworker whose lifestyle was subsidized by his grandma’s checks, to freaking Broadway? Or when Elijah took a break from acting to sell gloves, and then scored a role in a Broadway-bound musical his first audition back? Or when Marnie ditched the art gallery life and was able to pay for all her expensive exercise classes with her music career?

This is the part where we reprise Mariah’s “Fantasy.” Or we can do Britney’s “Lucky.” There are, like a million pop songs that could soundtrack the stratospheric rise of the Girls gang.

4. You move across the country and your best friend moves with you

The WORST part about moving is saying goodbye to your friends. Unless you’re Hannah. Then, your best bud Elijah moves to Iowa with you! Squad goals, friendship goals, everything goals.

5. All the amazing-times parties

Can someone please invite us to a Bushwick party hosted in a series of interconnected warehouses where the dress code is “Age of Innocence Fan Club Plus Wearable Taxidermy”?

Or a surprise warehouse wedding?


Or a beach weekend where Broadway fancy-pants choreograph a dance for you and your friends?

Man, this show threw some great shindigs.

Oh Girls, we will miss you so very much!

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