HBO may have just confirmed this weapon is about to appear in “Game of Thrones”

For a show that has so much in its universe already, Game of Thrones still finds ways to pack even more in. Most fans don’t catch up on every family tree and feud, but the devoted among us know that everything is symbolic and historical in this world. Including the weapons, which can literally forge a character’s destiny.

It seems one such weapon is returning to play: the Catspaw dagger, made of game-changing Valyrian steel.

The dagger made an appearance on Entertainment Weekly‘s GoT cover, in the hands of lil assassin Arya Stark:

But that isn’t where it last seen in the story. The dagger is the one that an assassin tried to use to kill Bran, allll the way back in season one, episode two. This is the kind of crumb trail that the average GoT fan is definitely not going to catch. But luckily, HBO itself has made it a little easier to connect the dots.

HBO Nordic posted this image on its Facebook recently:

And what do you know: there is that dagger again, visible for all. The translated text reads: “Prep your kitchen. Winter is Coming.” And it seems Arya will be ripping through her list of names with this special, foreboding blade.

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