HBO is building a *real* Westworld, hopefully with less death and violence

If you were ever struck by the thought, “Oh, I really wish I could go there in real life,” while watching Westworld, first of all, why? And second of all, we’ve got some good news for you. HBO is legit making Westworld a reality, because someone actually thought this was a good idea.

Honestly, what could go wrong?

While there *probably* won’t be as much death and violence as in the HBO series, the network is doing its best to build a real Westworld theme park featuring the fictional Western town of Sweetwater right outside Austin, Texas, during South by Southwest next month. Although no robots will be harmed in the making of this installation. Or humans. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully?

HBO is calling it a “Live Without Limits Weekend,” which sounds scarily close to the actual TV show town experience’s motto. “The freedom of living without the rules or judgement is coming to Austin, Texas,” the website for the experience says. “During SXSW – from March 9-11 – the park will reopen for a limited, elite few. Reserve a ticket now to secure your visit to the original immersive vacation destination.”

The SXSW experience will cover two acres of land for the theme park, which will feature recreations of The Coronado hotel and the Mariposa Saloon, along with other locations from Westworld. Pre-registered guests will have a full simulation experience beginning when they get picked up in Austin in a “Delos Shuttle” and getting assigned a black hat or white hat. (Choose wisely.) At the park, hosts (played by actors, not robots) will be ready to answer all questions, but don’t try to kill any of them, because again, this is *real life*, not a TV show. There will also be real horses, if horseback riding is your thing. Just remember, again, that this is all real and you shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t do IRL at a theme park.

Check out a teaser video for the SXSW experience above and make sure to register in advance at since space is very limited. At least this will hold us over until Westworld finally returns for Season 2.

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