HBD, Shay Mitchell!!

Where my Pretty Little Liars fans at??  You might know my gurl Shay as Emily Fields on PLL, but I know her as my future BFF (she just maybe doesn’t know it yet). I have to give mad props to Shay. She plays an openly gay, teenager on a show popular with teenagers. I mean, yeah, she is absolutely gorgeous and didn’t seem to face that much backlash after her coming out, but she can still be seen as an-er-role model for young girls.

Alright, maybe that is a stretch. It is just PLL, nothing too groundbreaking. But I absolutely love that show!! I had the pleasure of being at the Spring Breakers premiere and actually got to sit behind Shay Mitchell (and the whole PLL crew) and it was quite possibly the greatest moment of my life!!

So you keep rocking those trendy pleather skirts and have a happy birthday!!!

Featured image via Shay Mitchell’s Facebook

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