Hayley Williams launched a customizable hair dye collection because she believes hair should be *personal*

Hayley Williams is the queen of hair color. She has rocked every shade imaginable (our fave is her pumpkin-orange hair!), so it’s not surprising that the lead singer of Paramore would create a hair color line with her colorist Brian O’ Conner — goodDYEyoung.

And now, the semi-permanent vegan and cruelty-free brand has launched a new product, a temporary hair color in a styling paste. Yes, the hair color brand just expanded their line with a unique new product. With Halloween almost here, this is the perfect time to switch up your ‘do.

Say hello to goodDYEyoung’s new Poser Paste, $17.99


The best part? The Poser Paste comes in four different colors that are not only buildable, but you can mix them to create a customized hair color. Hayley tells HelloGiggles that “hair should be personal, and if you want it to, it can reflect parts and pieces of your identity or something that you’re going through.” We couldn’t agree more.


She explains,

"My hair is bleached and dyed platinum blonde right now, which we do with our goodDYEyoung Bleach Kit. It feels as expressive to me as when I had half pink, half orange hair. To me, it's a reset and a challenge for myself to start over."

The hair dyes are also crafted with high-quality pigments that even people with dark hair can use them (and the color will still look vibrant). If you have brunette hair (like me) then this is a blessing! And even if you aren’t ready to commit to a color, but you still want to experiment, the new Poser Paste will come out in a single wash.


Hayley suggests using goodDYEyoung’s new paste if you’re hesitant about bleaching your hair or if you aren’t ready to commit to one hair color. She says,

"No bleach is required to use the Pose Paste and the colors will show up on any shade or texture of hair. You can play around with your look, try a color (or two, or three), and wash it out when you're ready.

The Poser Paste comes in Ex-girl, a hot pink; Steal My Sunshine, a bright yellow; Blue Ruin, a cobalt blue; and Riot, a neon orange. Of course, Hayley threw in an orange option!


Hayley tells us,

I've been pretty much every color, but my heart always loves a little bit of orange and those citrus-y colors."

For now, Hayley is psyched that goodDYEyoung has a temporary hair product because, as she puts it, “I’m using the heck outta those.”

Keep your eyes peeled, babes. Because the brand will be launching more vibrant colors in the months to come.

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