Hayley Atwell is totally game to play Doctor Who

Guys guys GUYS listen up, because Hayley Atwell (of Agent Carter and Captain America fame) has something she wants to tell us: She wants to be on Doctor Who. But she doesn’t just want to be a guest star for an episode or two, she wants to BE the Doctor. This is the best idea we’ve ever heard, so now let’s make it happen, because it should be her TIME (Lord).

During a Twitter Q&A (Atwell loves to do Q&As) one fan asked if she’d ever want to appear on Doctor Who.

It’s then that she answered in the most perfect way ever.

Once again, this NEEDS to happen. For those unfamiliar with Doctor Who, it’s about a time traveling Time Lord who regenerates from time to time and suddenly becomes a brand new Time Lord. You might have heard people talking about the 10th Doctor or the 11th Doctor, and while they’re all the same character, they’re all distinctly different Doctors.

Last season introduced a brand new Doctor, number 12. But before Peter Capaldi was cast in the role, there were rumors that the next doctor could be a female. There are still rumors that the next Doctor could be a female, and Capaldi has even mentioned that “there easily could be a female Doctor . . . I don’t see why not. I think it’s good to do that.” So let’s make it Atwell.

For those unfamiliar with Atwell, to sum her up in one word, she’s magnificent. For real. You might know her best from he work as Agent Peggy Carter alongside Captain America, and on her own TV show (and not to brag about Peggy Carter, but she’s the first female Marvel character to lead her own show). But IRL Atwell is also a huge feminist, loves her fans dearly, loves practical jokes, and records a mean Dubsmash.

Basically, she’d be the perfect person to step into the role of pop culture icon, The Doctor.

In our ideal world, where this Doctor-Atwell dream comes true, it still won’t happen for a while. Capaldi just took over Doctor duties, and will probably be sticking around for a while. But it’s never too early to start planning for Doctor number lucky 13. Having her assume the role a few years down the road would actually be the best. It’d give Atwell time to finish her duties kicking butt on TV, before she jumps into the Tardis to kick butt across space and time.

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