Hayden Panettiere opened up about how her role on “Nashville” mimicked her real-life struggle with postpartum depression

If you’re a fan of the show Nashville, you’ll be familiar with Hayden Panettiere’s character Juliette, who experienced postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter. This is an issue that affects so many mothers, and Panettiere actually experienced postpartum in real life as well. Her daughter Kaya was born in 2014, and just like her TV character, Panettiere sought treatment in a rehab facility.

She’s been open about her struggles throughout, and in an interview with Access Hollywood said that the role often mimicked her real-life feelings.

"You have to ride the waves like the character. When you're that close to your character, you feel their pain and sometimes things hit close to home, and there's been a lot of that."


She mentioned that Nashville shoots for ten months of the year, and that’s an incredibly long time to have to actively engage with something that brings up painful real-life experiences.

Panettiere’s co-star Connie Britton also contributed her thoughts in the interview, emphasizing Panettiere’s strength to go the extra mile.

"I think she's had a very interesting journey in terms of that character and some of the experiences that she's gone through. I really think that she toughed it out," she told Access Hollywood.

And Panettiere is continuing to tough it out. She wrote an emotional tweet back in May about her decision to continue going to rehab and focusing on her health, and we have so much respect for that. Sometimes admitting you need help is the hardest step of all.

Although it’s a sensitive subject, no one should be afraid to talk about postpartum depression with people they trust.

Just like with all forms of depression, postpartum can absolutely affect anyone, and it in no way serves as a reflection of you or your parenting. We’re also so glad these actors are reinforcing the fact that it’s hugely important for women to support women.

Thank you for sharing your story, Hayden. Sending SO much love your way.

H/T: Us Weekly