Have You Tinder-ed Lately?

I think the only logical way to go about doing this is to explain the basics of Tinder, the new hot dating app that has everyone talking.

  • You download Tinder to your iPhone and log in via Facebook.
  • You create a profile by picking five, tagged photos from FB, usually selfies and prof pics.
  • Tinder takes your first name, age and interests from your FB profile and adds them to your Tinder profile (see featured image).
  • You select your sexual preference.
  • Tinder figures out your location via the GPS on your phone, you pick the mile radius you are interested in searching.

Then the fun begins. I looked into Tinder only a few days ago, but my roommate first told me about it in January. Within seconds of activating my profile, a man—and I mean MAN—popped up on my screen. He was 61 and just two miles away from me. To give you some perspective: I’m 20.

Tinder gives you two options: Swipe Right if you like him, Swipe Left if you don’t. That’s it. I swiped left because I’m not into dating guys older than my dad and then another boy, younger, popped onto my screen. And you just keep going, swipe right or swipe left. You can do this for hours or until you run out of men in your area.

What is the point of this superficial, looking game? You ask. Well, remember when you made that little profile in the beginning? That is sent out to men/women in your area. So, if I swipe right for a guy and he swipes right back, a Tinder Chat begins, 100% contained within the app. You can decide to chat, exchange numbers or block your match from contacting you ever again.

At first I was skeptical—still am, kind of. “This is SO superficial!” I proclaimed in my college-student-know-it-all voice. But at the end of the day, it’s like meeting guys in a bar without leaving the privacy of your bedroom. You decide to approach someone generally based on looks. Then you talk and if the conversation stinks, you walk away and maybe never see one another again. But if you hit it off, you exchange numbers, text for a few days/weeks and maybe it turns into a real date.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve heard of several friends of friends meeting guys they share a connection with. Some matches have gone on several dates; some relationships fizzled once the conversations left their phone screens. Some of my friends use the app just to chat with people and practice their cyber-flirting. Whatever floats your boat, I guess! I’m never one to criticize those doing-what-they-do to find love!

I never got a match. I know, sad-face. It’s probably because I had a hard time swiping right for any of the profiles that popped up, because to me they were just that—profiles. I mean have you people seen Catfish? Who knows what’s hiding behind that artsy surfing pic?! I’m not about to find out the hard way or be the next Manti Te’o.

I don’t think I’m going to find my ‘great love’ on Tinder anytime soon. But it is definitely a fun app to checkout, even as a simple social experiment. I guarantee in a few weeks everyone in your class/dorm/office/retirement home(?) is going to be talking about this app. So, why not stay ahead of the trend curve?

Featured Image via GotTinder.com

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