Have some butterbeer for breakfast at this “Harry Potter”-themed B&B!

The original Harry Potter series may have been over for a few years, but the magic is still going strong. From the success of both the Cursed Child play and Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, the love for this beloved franchise is still going strong.

But is there anywhere for Harry Potter enthusiasts to go and bask in their fandom besides the Harry Potter theme parks? Well this Harry Potter-themed B&B is filling that void – and we love it.

The South Wales bed-and-breakfast, called Llety Cynin, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Sorcerer’s Stone being published, and as a result, they are turning the hotel into a Harry Potter-themed wonderland.

The best part? They sell butterbeer for breakfast.


The B&B also has “Wizard’s Tea” events that are held on a biweekly basis — they include chocolate frogs, mandrake cakes, and many other beloved treats from the series.



Maybe this is the best excuse to take a trip to South Wales — especially if you love Harry Potter as much as other fans do.

H/T Thrillist

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