A part of Haunted Mansion was damaged during the hurricane at Disney World, and these tears are REAL

While there was, thankfully, no major damage at Disney World following Hurricane Irma earlier this week, there was lots of little damage. Waking up Sunday morning, guests found themselves at resorts surrounded by fallen trees and so many leaves. A few signs had fallen off, and a handful of places were flooded. Still, nothing so severe that it won’t be good as new with a little TLC.

So when I tell you that part of the Haunted Mansion was damaged over at the Magic Kingdom, know that everything is going to be FINE. But right now, even for a place with cobwebs and 999 ghosts, the Haunted Mansion has seen better days.

If you’re freaking out about the ride, you have nothing to fear. The Haunted Mansion is completely indoors, so nothing about the actual attraction was hurt during the storm. As for what’s outside…that’s where things start to get sad. It seems that the winds picked up so much during the hurricane that they sent a tree toppling over. And that tree knocked out most of the iconic pet cemetery outside.


From pictures on social media, it just looks like everything…rolled down the hill and into one another. It’s just a strange sight to see a graveyard — that is already supposed to be semi-neglected, because that’s the theming — actually look neglected. No one tell the Ghost Host.


Remember, this is what it’s supposed to look like:


And this is what it looks like now ?:

Many passing by can’t help but note one ironic thing — the only statue that appears completely untouched is Mr. Toad, way in the back of the graveyard. Which is funny, because that statue comes from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, a Magic Kingdom attraction that was closed down and Toad was moved to the cemetery because he’s gone, but never forgotten.

Hopefully the cemetery is cleared up, and the tombstones fixed, and everything about the Mansion will get back to normal — you know, delighting adults and scaring the crap out of little kids.