Listen up, foolish mortals! Her Universe’s Haunted Mansion collection is here

You might already have 999 dresses in your closet, but do you have room for two more? If you’re looking to bring that count up to 1,001, we know exactly what should be dropped into your shopping cart ASAP. Her Universe has just launched their Haunted Mansion collection, and it’s perfect for every girl, ghost, and ghoul in your life.

Her Universe is already known for their awesome fandom styles, and recently, they’ve started branching out to Disney things — and Disney Parks. The lifestyle company just rolled out some skirts and cardigans based on the Alice in Wonderland Teacups — a Disney staple, whether you’re in Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom — and now they’ve made their way over to New Orleans and Liberty Square. The two new dresses, which debuted in time for Dapper Day this past weekend, are absolutely inspired by the beloved attraction. You can tell that so much love went into them, and the attention to detail is incredible.

The two new dresses are each based off what are, arguably, the best parts of the Mansion: The stretch room and the ballroom.

The first dress — which has two parts, a dress and a detachable shall —  is inspired by the iconic stretch room portrait featuring the ballerina above the crocodile.


The second dress is inspired by the ballroom scene, where the ghosts really come out to party.


The dresses are currently available *right now* and you can pick up one (OR BOTH) at your Disney Park of choice, whether Disney World or Disneyland. Unfortunately, neither dress is available online juuuuuust yet, but hopefully that changes in the near future.

So pile everyone into the doom buggy, you’ve got some shopping to do — and don’t forget to pick up a Haunted Mansion purse to go with it.