This Haunted Halloween Train is a step above spooktacular

It’s officially Halloween season, and that means one thing: haunted everything. We want our houses to be haunted, our car rides to be haunted, and literally everything about our lives to be haunted. This is why we can’t wait to get our hands on tickets to the attraction of the season — a PG-13 Haunted Halloween Train that’s sure to scare us and scare us good. The New Hope and Ivyland Railroad will take you on a haunted journey through Pennsylvania, one that’s sure to feature some ghoulish sights.

Starting in the small town of New Hope, you’ll be able to have a vintage Halloween experience like no other.

The ride, which is strictly for those age 13 and up, takes place on old school trains that are outfitted with seats from the 1910s to the 1930s, so you’ll really get into the otherworldly spirit. As for what you can expect from the ride itself? According to the attraction’s site,

"When this train leaves the safety of the station, you are tossed into the hands of the unknown. Our creatures are sure to frighten the strongest of heart, and test the nerve of all onboard."

Rides on the Haunted Halloween Train start on Friday, October 13th. Because what else would you expect? They’ll be offered on the weekends as well on selected days in October. So if you’re looking to get spooked in a new way this season, then hurry up and snag your ticket.

These will sell out, and we have a feeling you won’t want to miss this fright fest.