‘Hateful Eight’ will be amazing and huge — literally — when it opens

Quentin Tarantino is one of these cinematic legends that when he talks about film, you listen. He took to the stage at Comic-Con Saturday night, and completely memorized the crowd explaining his past films, his currently films, and where his future in film lies — and his future could be with TV.

Before we get too excited at the idea of Tarantino on the small screen, he brought his latest movie, Hateful Eight, to Comic-Con. This is the movie, if you remember, that he wrote, the script leaked (he, “kicked and screamed” over the leak), and Tarantino decided to scrap it completely. Thankfully, he then changed his mind, because Hateful Eight looks like the Western we’ve been waiting for all our lives.

Hateful Eight will also be a real movie movie. Tarantino loves film a lot. That includes actual film, and decided to shoot Hateful Eight on film. Industry standard now doesn’t even use film — since everything is digital – and before that, the standard size was 35mm. Tarantino decided to shoot on 70mm instead, because why not?

“I thought if they shoot it in 70, then they’ll have to screen it in 70,” he explained to the crowd, containing further that, digital is “not the movie industry I signed up for.”

“The thing I don’t like about digital projection is it’s just HBO in public,” Tarantino said. Then added, “If that happens everywhere, then I can just move to television.” Which, you know, we would be totally behind. Tarantino’s grand master plan is to make ten movies in total (he’s on #8) and then “retire.” But retire for him sounds like then switching over to making “three miniseries” for TV.

Tarantino plans to make one more Western — “You have to make at least three westerns to call yourself a western director…anything else, you’re just dabbling.” — and then had to go ahead and tease the idea of Kill Bill 3 saying that, “Uma [Thurman] would like to do it.”

As for Hateful Eight, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Walton Goggins (who showed up at the panel wearing a GIANT hat), Tim Roth, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, it sounds like we’ll get to watch it in a “roadshow” setting. Don’t worry, Jackson explained this term to the crowd in a taped video, saying that roadshow movies used to have opening and exit music, along with programs and an intermission. Sounds like Hateful Eight will be a whole cinematic experience.

None of the screened footage has made its way online yet, but but poster for the movie has been officially released. This doesn’t look like a usual Western, and that’s all the more reason to get exited.

Hateful Eight is scheduled to hit theaters around Christmas time of this year, in all its 70mm glory, before it moves to a regular, wide release a few weeks later.

(Image via Facebook and Twitter.)