51% of You Hate the Way Your Teeth Look, New Survey Says

Can you guess the No. 1 thing people are most self-conscious about when it comes to their teeth?

A new survey conducted by teeth aligner brand Byte suggests that Blink-182 should change the lyrics in “All the Small Things” to “The dentist sucks, I know.” The oral care brand surveyed 1,107 people and analyzed 200 Google search trends, and you know what they found? A whopping 70% of you hate going to the dentist, and nearly half of Americans have dental anxiety!

You’ve probably heard some rendition of the phrase “healthy gums, healthy life,” and it’s true. When you stop taking care of your teeth, you’re putting your body at risk for developing other health conditions such as cardiovascular disease. The American Dental Association recommends biannual dental exams and teeth cleanings; but according to Byte’s study, more than 60% of you are purposely delaying an appointment. Why, you ask?

Not having insurance (33%) and fear (44%) were among the top answers for not going to the dentist, while 39% of you also admitted to being lazy and having no interest in seeing a dentist at all. Let’s work on that last one, yeah?


Fifty-two percent of participants also shared they put off dental checkups due to scarring dental visits in the past. However—and this may come as no surprise—the number one reason why people are skipping out on the dentist is because of how costly it is to keep pearly whites in tip-top shape (59%).

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On top of all that, 51% of you also hate the way your teeth look!

Byte’s survey shows people are most self-conscious about the color of their teeth as well as having crooked or crowded chompers. Additionally, people tend to be self-conscious about their smiles, the size or shape of their teeth, as well as having any gaps.



Funny enough, going to the dentist can actually help you nip your teeth insecurities in the bud… or in this case, gums. A professional can recommend toothpaste, mouthwash, and other products to help with stain removal and teeth whitening.

If you’re concerned about crooked or crowded teeth, a dentist can talk to you about braces or aligners.

Just like any other routine health checkup, going to the dentist should be one of your top priorities at least once a year. Trust, any underlying teeth problems you have now are only going to get worse the longer you keep putting it off. Don’t be part of the 61%!

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