This blogger recreated a fashion spread to make a point about diversity

Earlier this year, Evans — a plus-size clothing retailer based in the UK — launched #StyleHasNoSize: A limited-edition t-shirt and shopping bag line with the goal of promoting body diversity and body acceptance in fashion. The line and subsequent social media campaign were a huge success; and, to help kick off UK Plus Fashion Week, Evans decided to take to the streets to further promote their message. Posted to Twitter last week, their latest campaign features five models walking down Oxford Street — easily one of the busiest and most touristy in London — each wearing a white t-shirt with a word from #StyleHasNoSize on it.

But one blogger thinks Evans can do better — and decided to take matters into her own hands. Along with a few of her blogger friends, Nerd About Town’s Stephanie Yeboah created a #StyleHasNoSize photo of her own, featuring a more diverse range of ethnicities, sizes, and body shapes — and it’s totally badass.