Hash browns got left off the all-day McDonald’s menu—and people are pissed

Something huge happened at McDonald’s today, and fans of the fast food chain are NOT happy. Since plans were announced a few months ago, customers have been anxiously waiting for the roll out of McDonald’s new nationwide all-day breakfast menu (but let’s be real — they’ve really been waiting for forever). That day finally arrived today, and fast food fans could not have been more excited — except for one problem. Devoted customers noticed a very important item missing from the menu — the hash brown.

It’s no surprise that McDonald’s lovers would have to settle for a smaller version of the breakfast menu, since things would get way too crazy in the kitchen if the cooks had to worry about the full breakfast menu AND the full regular menu at the same time. Fast food would have turned into slow food, so some items had to go, but fans were definitely not expecting the beloved hash brown to get the axe.

BuzzFeed News reporter Hayes Brown (who BuzzFeed hilariously pointed out is not related to Hash Brown) was one of the first people to notice the missing crispy fried potato on the menu at his local New York Mcdonald’s:

And the people reacted, pointing out that there is, in fact, no point to serving breakfast all day sans Hash Brown.

We don’t disagree. What will people eat alongside their Egg McMuffin or pancakes? Fries? FRIES ARE NOT PANCAKE COMPANION MATERIAL.

BuzzFeed pointed out that according to Richard Adams, founder of Franchise Equity Group and a former McDonald’s franchisee, hash browns and french fries are cooked in the same fryer, so it would be near impossible to cook both all day long. Lisa McComb, a McDonald’s spokesperson, called the fryer problem a “restaurant configuration issue”. “If a location isn’t able to offer hash browns at this point, that doesn’t mean they never may offer them as more learning continues to happen,” she told the site. “There may be another solution in the future.” Here’s the all day breakfast menu:

Depending on your region, McDonald’s will only be offering a selection of the items. Here’s a closer inspection between the “McMuffin Menu” and the “Biscuit Menu”:

Let’s all take a deep breath though, because as of now, only 10% of stores won’t be offering hash browns. But when one of the 10% of McDonald’s is YOUR McDonald’s, percentages don’t even matter.

But hey, let’s look on the bright side — at least there’s breakfast all day now! We absolutely get that there are healthier breakfast options than fast food, but sometimes it’s okay to eat what you just feel like eating. And if you feel like eating McDonald’s breakfast at 4pm, then we support your decision.

(Image via McDonald’s)


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