Today in of course: Someone slapped Harvey Weinstein in Arizona

Back in October, Harvey Weinstein was privately planning his comeback after numerous bombshell reports of sexual harassment and assault, but unfortunately for him (and fortunately for everyone else) people are nowhere near forgetting the abusive things he did to women for decades. The disgraced producer — who disappeared to a rehab of sorts following the twin exposés from The New York Times and The New Yorker — was reportedly slapped across the face twice as he was leaving a restaurant with his sober coach in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to TMZ, which broke the story alongside an accompanying video of the double slap, the events surrounding the incident are up for a bit of a debate between the parties involved but essentially go like this: A man dubbed “Steve” by TMZ was seated at a table near Weinstein at the restaurant. After complementing the former producer and asking for a photo, “Steve” claims Weinstein became “belligerent” — something refuted by the restaurant, who called Weinstein declining to take a photograph “sweet,” which is definitely not the word anyone should be using to describe the alleged serial harasser and rapistever.

But as Weinstein and his coach were leaving the restaurant, “Steve,” who told TMZ that he’d had a bit to drink by then, approached Weinstein for a final time, clearly slapping the former producer twice across the face as his friend recorded the incident. While the coach attempted to intervene with the recording, “Steve” can be heard clearly calling Weinstein a “piece of shit.”

“You’re a piece of shit. Get the fuck out of here," Steve can be heard telling Weinstein. "You’re a piece of shit. Fucking with those women. Get the fuck out here.

While the events surrounding the incident seem pretty wild, it should come to no surprise to Weinstein that people are not happy to see him out and about. The former producer has largely been in hiding after being ousted from the company he co-founded with his brother and being served divorce papers by his wife, Georgina Chapman, save a few statements denying allegations against him and filing a lawsuit against his former company.

Since the initial reports regarding his decades-long serial predatory behavior, other stories highlighting the lengths Weinstein went to intimidate his victims have gone public, including him personally working to blacklist acclaimed actresses Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd and hiring Black Cube, an intelligence agency run by former Mossad agents who reportedly attempted to discredit victims speaking to reporters as well as the reporters working on the story themselves, including Ronan Farrow.

So while there may be a bit of mystery surrounding the incident in Scottsdale with “Steve,” it’s safe to say the public — and especially the countless women directly hurt by Weinstein — are not ready to see him out to dinner like it’s business as usual. Maybe when one of the many cities investigating him for sexual assault have reached a conclusion, we’ll be ready to see Weinstein again…in handcuffs.