Jurors have reached a verdict in the Harvey Weinstein rape case

Update, February 24th, 2020, 11:47 a.m. ET: Nearly two years after he was first arrested in New York City, Harvey Weinstein is starting to face some justice. Today, February 24th, jurors found the disgraced producer guilty on two charges, including rape.

Jurors found Weinstein guilty of rape in the third degree of one woman and of a criminal sex act in the first degree of a different woman. He was found not guilty of predatory sexual assault against Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann or rape in the first degree against Mann. As CNN reports, these not guilty verdicts also indicate that jurors could not determine beyond a reasonable doubt that Weinstein raped Annabella Sciorra. So with two guilty verdicts, there is still some upsetting news.

According to CNN, a conviction on the charge of “criminal sexual act in the first degree” carries a sentence of five to 25 years in prison. Rape in the third degree can result in probation up to four years in prison. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see Weinstein’s sentencing, but we’ll update this story as more news comes in.

Original post, May 25th, 2018: It’s been a long and bumpy road, but eight months later, we’re finally starting to see some justice in the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault saga: Today, Friday, May 25th, Harvey Weinstein was arrested in New York City for raping a woman and for forcing another to perform oral sex on him. According to CNN, the disgraced producer will be charged with “first and third-degree rape in one case,” and a “first-degree sex act” in the other.

Weinstein entered a New York City police precinct to turn himself in on Friday, May 25th, while being photographed by dozens of reporters, and he will appear in court later today. His bond is set at $2 million, and the New York Times reports that conditions of his bail package will entail giving up his passport, wearing a monitoring device, and paying $1 million up front.

Honestly, it’s about damn time. In October 2017, an explosive, long-known secret came to light, and as the layers were peeled back, we learned the truth about Harvey Weinstein. He has a long, sordid history of sexually harassing and abusing women, often forcing them to perform sexual acts — and in some instances, raping them — with the promise of getting them roles in movies. And if these women didn’t cooperate with Weinstein, he threatened to backlist them in Hollywood — a sad reality that many of his accusers have faced over the last few decades.

At the time, over two dozen women came forward with stories about Weinstein, and even more over the last few months. This Weinstein scandal also started a clear reckoning throughout Hollywood against harassment — both physical and verbal — directed at women. Following the initial allegations against Weinstein, he was outed from his production company (which later declared bankruptcy), The Weinstein Company and the Producers Guild of America kicked him out for life and he was voted out of the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences; Ashley Judd sued him last month. Just, you know, to name a few things.

Earlier this year, Weinstein entered rehab to try to get his life back on track but the other shoe has now fallen. He’s also being investigated for for sex crimes in Los Angeles and London.

As always, our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by Weinstein and his heinous behavior.

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