There’s going to be a Harvest Moon eclipse tonight — so here’s what to watch out for

A rare Harvest Moon eclipse is set to occur tonight, as September 16th comes to a close. With this form of lunar magic in mind, we think it’s safe to say that tonight will be LIT ? — no seriously. Although not a super moon, the Harvest Moon is known to be bigger and brighter than your average glowing orb in the nighttime sky.

According to The Old Farmers Almanac, this full moon’s name is attributed to Native Americans because it marked when their corn was ready to be harvested. At the peak of harvest, farmers can even work late into the night by the light of this moon.

Plus, it’s different from other full moons because it rises at roughly the same time for several nights running, offering more light. To make things even more interesting, the Harvest Moon occurs closest to the Autumn equinox and marks the end of Summer.

So, we hope you get some summer lovin’ in tonight because, if the moon has anything to say about it, this season’s offically over.


But what does this all mean for all of us?

“It must be a full moon” is a phrase said whenever crazy things happen or whenever emotions seem to be running at an all-time high. You may find yourself caught in a heated exchange you’d rather not be a part of. Be mindful and take a moment (along with a few deep breaths) so you can think before responding.


Tonight’s full moon rises in water sign Pisces. To explain, The Hood Witch writes:

“Our Intuition is at its peak in this sign and realization of life's lessons or truths often become unveiled. It's easy to swim around and lose yourself in emotions now, or to escape in books, or other entertainment but please take note and check in on how you are handling what arises to the surface. Be gentle and nurturing with yourself much like the silver rays of the Moon's ethereal glow, she sheds her light to guide us through the darkness. Removing all disillusionment and reminding us not to shy away from our feelings.

Now, armed with this new information, go forth and have an amazing weekend. Lady Luna is putting on a show, so don’t forget to look up and appreciate.

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