‘Literary Harry’ combines Harry Styles + classic books in one Twitter account, is brilliant

Isn’t it wonderful when you figure out a new way to combine your favorite things? Like chocolate chips and popcorn, or cats and burritos (I like to call them purritos). Well, a generous Twitter genius has figured out the best way to enjoy Harry Styles and books at the same time. That’s right, books — our passport into an endless world of imagination — and Harry Styles — the face that launched a thousand Tumblr ship hashtags.

Welcome to @LiteraryHarry, a Twitter account that posts photos of the One Direction star next to covers of books. According to Seventeen, the account is run by a saint who goes by Emily (just Emily, like Madonna). Why Harry? Why books? Emily answers that in the account’s description: “Harry Styles is like a classic novel, he ruins the lives of high school students everywhere.” It could also be argued that Harry Styles is like a John Green novel, he can make high school girls laugh and cry at the same time, but we can stick with what Emily said.

It’s really surprising how Mr. Style’s mug compliments some of these book covers. Here are a few favorites:

@LiteraryHarry includes tons of required reading books and popular YA novels, but some of the most hilarious side-by-side composites are children’s titles. Oh Harry, you look good next to anything.

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