Harry Styles just hinted that he’ll be going on tour, so start saving up now

Harry Styles just said the five little words that sent a million fans hearts aflutter. That’s right, Harry Styles would “like to go on tour” to promote his new album. That is not a confirmation of a tour, or even the promise of a ticket, but that’s okay! Just to know there is hope is all that we need.

We learned this amazing news yesterday when Harry was a guest on the Graham Norton Show, and we cannot contain our excitement.

Seriously Harry, please don’t be joking about this!

When asked if he would go on tour to promote his new album, Harry’s answer was everything we could have hoped for.

"Yes I think so," he said. "I’d like to.

There are currently no official confirmations of a tour, but this is amazing news nonetheless. Styles has had fans excited for a tour ever since he announced his self-titled solo album via Twitter earlier this month.

His single “Sign of the Times” is a huge hit and seems to be playing everywhere. So it would only make sense that he would go on tour to promote his upcoming album, right?

All we can do is dream.

Because musicians seem to like surprising fans with social media announcements, we’ll all be patiently waiting near our computers. A tour would be a huge deal to Harry Styles fans who have been waiting for this since he left One Direction last year. But we’re just happy that he’s making music and we get to hear it.

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