Harry Styles nearly sang Taylor Swift’s “22” for a fan’s birthday — and now, our #Haylor hearts are singing

I don’t know about you, but even half a decade after calling it quits, I’m still holding out to hope that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift will someday rekindle their romance. #Haylor, one of the world’s most beloved celebrity ships, famously dated back in 2012, but broke it off after a few months. However, their breakup didn’t stop them from referencing each other — by way of songs or tweets — over the years. Swift’s hit tunes “Style” and “Out of the Woods” are believed to be about the ex-boyband crooner, while fans think that Styles’ “Two Ghosts” is about Taylor.

More recently, Harry Styles sent #Haylor shippers into a frenzy when he referenced her song “22” at his tour stop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“How old are you today?” he asked a fan in the audience after finding out that she was celebrating her birthday, to which she revealed that she just turned 22.

“22. She’s 22, okay,” he said, before starting to sing the single’s chorus. “I don’t know about…” Sadly, he abruptly halted after the crowd started to scream. They’re obviously #Haylor shippers, too! How about a little fan service here, Harry??? false

Naturally, the Twitterverse was just as excited as the fans on site upon hearing about the Harry Styles incident.



If you’re upset that Harry didn’t sing the whole verse (or song, for that matter), you can always go back to Harry’s birthday tweet, when he referenced the song on his own 22nd birthday.

The “Kiwi” singer previously expressed his affinity for Swift’s songs, although he isn’t concerned if they were dedicated to him or not.

"I mean, I don't know if they're about me or not, but the issue is, she's so good, they're bloody everywhere," he said in a Rolling Stone interview. "I write from my experiences; everyone does that. I'm lucky if everything [we went through] helped create those songs. That's what hits your heart."

With Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour just around the corner, will she return the favor and sing one of Harry Styles’ songs? We’re crossing our fingers that she does!

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