Um, Harry Styles just a got a tattoo LIVE on James Corden’s show

As awesome as tattoos are, getting them done can be a bit of an ordeal. Everyone knows they hurt, and while the pain isn’t always as intense as it’s made out to be, it can still make you pull some awkward faces and act a little weird as you try to hold still while, you know, you’re being repeatedly and painfully jabbed. It’s definitely not the kind of thing you’d want a whole bunch of people to watch live, which is exactly what happened to Harry Styles last night.

Yes, that’s right. During a visit to The Late Late Show last night, James Corden challenged the guys of One Direction to a game called “Tattoo Roulette,” which is precisely what it sounds like. The guys and James were each given a box, four of which were “safe” and one of which had the word “tattoo” in it. As you can guess, whoever got the “tattoo” box had to get at tattoo on air.

No one was thrilled about the game, including James. Niall, who has no tattoos at all, was straight up terrified. But he got lucky, because Harry ended up getting the ink live. He held it together really well! Good on you, Harry! You’re braver than us by a mile!

Check out the full clip (and all the tension) below!

(Image via Youtube)

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