Harry Styles is dropping solo music soon, according to these mysterious new hints

For those of you who pay attention to astrology, it’s Aries season. What does it mean several of the ex-One Direction men choose this season to drop new information? Zayn Malik went solo and dropped his new album during this time. (He also dropped a new single recently.) Now, Harry Styles might be finally moving ahead with his own solo career.

In a mysterious TV spot, Styles drops only a date: April 7. And yes, 1D and Harry Styles fans immediately freaked out.


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So… what’s really in the teaser? I don’t know if it aired anywhere outside of Britain, though it’d be pretty trolly of him only to do some Brit-related. But the ambient music playing could be his? Or it’s not, and he’s again misdirecting. Regardless, Styles is already about to have a big year ahead of him. After all, he’s part of Christopher Nolan’s World War II film Dunkirk. A real start to his solo career would be timely, as he reasserts the pop star part of his public identity.

Regardless, I personally wonder what his new music could sound like. Louis Tomlinson went the upbeat EDM route. Niall Horan stripped back to a more acoustic vibe. Zayn went full throttle into the R&B crooner mold. Liam Payne seems likely to follow him that way. One Direction itself occupied that pure pop space. What’s missing from here? Rock’n’roll… but we’ll just have to wait to hear what Styles drops, if anything, in a couple of weeks.

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