Harry Styles is bringing the sweetest surprises to fans waiting to see him on “SNL,” but is one snack a clue to his performance?

Just when you thought he couldn’t get any sweeter, Harry Styles surprised his fans with sweet treats. The British singer loves his fans so much that anyone waiting to see him on SNL got a treat.

We know you don’t need another reason to love Styles, but we have one for you. On Friday, the 23-year-old singer rewarded his loyal fans with food, and we are SO jealous.

In anticipation of Styles’ Saturday Night Live performance tonight, fans lined up outside the studio to get tickets. Of course, the former One Direction singer had to give them a thank you gift.

While his fans stood in line, Styles sent out two very different snacks to show his gratitude. He first sent out kiwi. Yep, lots and lots of the green fruit to go around.

Next, he sent out boxes upon boxes of pizza. Seriously, could this guy get any better?

He’s already a total dreamboat with his hair, hot tattoos, and that sexy accent. Oh, and you know, his beautiful voice. But now he is giving people kiwi and pizza?

What’s not to love?

While most fans were just happy to be fed, others read into one of the snacks that the Dunkirk actor gifted them. In case you missed it, Styles sent out kiwi.

This might not seem like a big deal, but one of the new songs for his upcoming album is called “Kiwi.”

Coincidence? We think not!

Once some fans connected the dots, they started to speculate that the snack was a hint at Styles’ set list for the show.

Could he be debuting “Kiwi” in addition to his current hit single, “Sign of the Times”? We are really hoping this is exactly what it means!

Tune in tonight to see Styles’ first performance as a solo artist on Saturday Night Live.

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