Let’s all get a real good look at Harry Styles’ new short hair, shall we?

Harry Styles shocked us two months ago with an Instagram photo showing his freshly cut locks ready to be donated to Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides wigs for children. We knew the biggest reason for the chop was in preparation for his role as a British soldier during World War II for the movie Dunkirk, but it wasn’t until Monday that we finally got a really good glimpse of his new short ‘do.

Harry appeared on his sister Gemma’s Snapchat story, clad in a blue and white star-patterned top, perhaps in observance of the 4th of July. However, all eyes were up top at his newly-sheared head, reminiscent of another (albeit former) One Direction band member we know.


Seriously, it can’t be just us who sees the resemblance, right?


This similarity is also a weird coincidence since Harry just announced a solo career of his own. It came out on June 24th that the 22-year-old had signed a record deal with Columbia records, the same company that represents One Direction.

While this doesn’t mean that Harry won’t be returning to the band after their hiatus, it does prove that all the boys are taking this time to focus on themselves. We love that Harry is branching out into acting, and using this opportunity to shed (literally!) his old identity and create something totally new. More pics please!

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