Harry Styles gets (playfully awesome) revenge on the friend who actually stole his girl

When Harry Styles sings “Steal My Girl,” he’s actually singing about one very specific girl, and one very specific friend who stole that girl from him back when they were kids. Instead of just letting this love-rivalry fade into memory, Harry decided to call out his old buddy at at a recent concert in front of thousands of people. Note to self: Don’t steal Harry’s girl.

At One Direction’s latest stop in Oslo, Norway, Harry learned that his childhood friend, Jack Robinson, was in attendance. I like to imagine that Harry has been waiting his whole life for this moment to happen — he’s now got a stage, and a microphone, and can tell the world about that one time Jack stole his girl when the two were 14. Because, you know, revenge is best served in front of a crowd of screaming 1D fans, of course. Seizing the opportunity, Harry does just that.

First, he makes sure the camera has located Jack in the crowd, so the whole world can see his face. And then, Harry gives us the story, explaining that “When I was about 14 years old, Jack Robinson stole my girlfriend.”

Jack, from the few seconds you’re on the big jumbotron at the 1D concert, you seem like a nice guy. But Harry just offered up one of the biggest BURNS this world has ever seen. Even though Harry mentions that he still loves Jack, he does tell the audience to give him “little digs on the way out.”

Watch the whole hilarious video below, the Harry/Jack rivalry starts at 1:40.

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