You can expect to see Harry Styles on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” for an entire week

When Harry Styles asks you for a place to stay, you don’t hesitate to offer up your couch! James Corden abided by that golden rule, and we’re all in for quite the treat. For an entire week, Harry Styles will be on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Yes, that’s right — an entire Harry Styles-filled week. We’re not worthy!

The “Sign of the Times” singer is packing his bags and heading to Los Angeles  come May 15th. He’s posting up on the Late Late Show couch, thanks to his kind host and fellow Brit, James Corden. But don’t expect Styles to do any singing whilst he’s there.

Corden does the singing and don’t you forget it.

What in the heck are these two chums going to get up to during that week? We’re thinking “Carpool Karaoke: Harry Styles Edition” is a must, right? Styles’ new album will be released on May 12th, just days before his Late Late Show stint, after all.

And wouldn’t it be almost ~too~ amazing if they reunited the One Direction gang to film a sequel for their dodgeball documentary? We need to see if they ever beat their main rivals, the Ball Busters!

Maybe Corden and Styles can get matching tattoos to commemorate this upcoming hilarity and bromance-filled week. Or they can write a song together about how much they love and appreciate each other’s friendship!

Think about it, James! Think about it!

Whatever these two do get up to, we’ll be right there to laugh along with them! Tune into The Late Late Show on Monday, May 15th through Thursday, May 18th to witness the Styles/Corden mayhem.

Oh, and Harry — if this housing arrangement falls through for whatever reason, you can come stay at our place. You can sing to your heart’s content here!

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