Harry Styles was (kind of) in ‘Inside Out’ and you totally missed it

The geniuses over at Pixar are a clever bunch. They LOVE dropping Easter Eggs in their movies, and we love finding them. Their most recent movie, Inside Out, is no exception. Did you catch the Harry Styles Easter Egg? Consider our minds blown.

The moment occurs when we meet Riley’s imaginary boyfriend. He has a gentle face, a leather jacket and a full head of hair. He says dramatic things like, “I would die for Riley.” Basically, he’s a dead ringer for Harry Styles. Now that’s an Easter Egg!

“We were looking at the hairstyle and the tight-fitting jeans that are a little bit saggy around the middle,” Inside Out director Pete Docter told Digital Spy.

“He’s the greatest hits of what an imaginary boyfriend would look like,” producer Jonas Rivera added. “We asked a lot of people!”

Docter admitted that his daughter is a big 1D fan IRL, so it makes total sense that he’d pull inspiration from the shaggy-haired Brit.

Here’s the clip of the imaginary boyfriend!


Some Pixar Easter Eggs are obvious: The Nemo sticker on Andy’s toy trunk in Toy Story 3, Chef Skinner’s scooter in a junk pile in Wall-E, the Jessie doll in Monsters, Inc. But some are harder to spot, like ReVolting batteries in Toy Story 3 that sponsor #84 in the Piston Cup in Cars. Or the Pixar desk lamp constellation that appears in a Toy Story 2 night sky.

Most Pixar references are found over time and after repeat viewings, so the jury is still deliberating on the comprehensive list of Inside Out references — but this Harry Styles bit is one of their most subtle yet. Other known references include the ball with a red star, Ratatouille characters and the infamous Pizza Planet truck.

(Image via Pixars.)

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