Harry Styles just chopped off his hair, and stans don’t even recognize him

We hope you’re sitting down for this. Harry Styles just made a dramatic hair change, and fans everywhere are freaking all the way out about it. On September 1st, paparazzi and fans spotted the “Sign of the Times” singer sporting a new haircut while traveling in Italy, and social media isn’t exactly handling the situation well. Basically, the reaction is the same as when dads shave their beards off and their babies cry because they don’t recognize them.

After receiving a lot of public attention about his recent charming and honest Rolling Stone interview, Styles decided to shapeshift into someone else ahead of the release of his next solo album, HS2. Forget his lovable (and instantly recognizable) waves: Styles’ new haircut is a study of flatness.

His new ‘do is a bit bowl cut-like and a little Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things.

It kind of screams “I did this myself in my rearview mirror at a truck stop somewhere in Mississippi.” Whether the latter description is a positive or negative review is up to you.


Because it’s so new (and also the complete opposite of his iconic swept-back look), a lot of Styles stans are freaked. false



But, like…if you’re really going to ditch Harry Styles because he got a haircut, then we’re going to have to ditch you.




If you can’t love Harry Styles at his bowl cut, then you can’t stan him at his luscious bouffant. Sorry, but we don’t make the rules.

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