The Internet Can’t Contain Its Thirst Over Harry Styles’ New Gucci Photos

There's just *so* much to love here.

Pretty much any time Harry Styles does a thing, the fans go wild—and today is no different. On April 22nd, Gucci shared pictures and video from its new campaign, Gucci Beloved. Though the ad spots see Late Late Show host James Corden as a host of a talkshow that features a handful of stars, like Awkwafina, Diane Keaton, and Serena Williams, the internet is virtually having a meltdown over the “Watermelon Sugar” singer‘s role in the photos.

And you know what? As one of those fans on the internet, let me just say that it makes sense, because Styles looks GOOD.

As a guest on Corden’s faux talkshow—Beloved Show—Styles is wearing wide-leg jeans and a decadently printed top with the buttons undone down to *there* but the real star is the faux fur coat. Okay maybe the real star is the Gucci Jackie bag, which is the whole point of this campaign. Gucci wanted to show off the design house’s most iconic bags and tapped some of its closest friends to do just that.

I’m not sure how much Twitter is looking at Styles’ Jackie bag, though. We all know he’s a fan of the bag (as he’s actually carried one on numerous occasions) and has worked with Gucci for years, but every new ad campaign just brings so many new emotions! And more thirst. There’s definitely some thirst.

The photos and accompanying video were shot by Harmony Korine, and the video sees Styles as a guest on Corden’s show, where Corden teases him about sharing a *salacious* story about Styles behind a diner…which then turns into several seconds of back and forth and laughing.

When I say Styles’ laughter can cure all the bag things in the world, I mean it. (Mostly.)

I’m not quite sure how anyone expects us fans to carry on with our day after all this delicious content landed this morning, but alas, here we are. I’d just like to personally thank Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele for knowing Styles is the perfect person to put in all his Gucci creations and in his ad campaigns. You’re a real pal.

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