Harry Styles just won over your inner grammar nerd with this move

Harry Styles: One Direction front-man, grammar aficionado. Last week, the most famous boy band in the world was performing in Philadelphia when a fan held up a sign. This isn’t unusual. Thousands of fans hold up thousands of signs for 1D and writing words of praise and holding them high for the world to see is a big part of going to big events like this, but you don’t usually expect the band to notice — let alone, to make some edits.

Taelor Ford was in the crowd that night, holding a sign that read “Hi Harry! Your so nice!” While on stage, Harry spotted the sign, and did something completely unexpected. Check it out:

In the Vine, posted by user 1D is love 1D is life, Harry notices the sign, points at it, brings it up on stage, and makes a few corrections, changing the “your” to “you’re” and adding some kind words at the bottom.

This little act of perfectionism has won the hearts of even more Directioners. Not only did Harry show his nerdy side, but he made a fan’s night while doing it.

Weirdly, this moment has put Ford on the receiving end of some hate, which she took like a pro. But let’s keep in mind that this is an easy mistake for anyone to make, and what’s important is the heartwarming moment it created. Do you think Harry could proofread this article for me? If he needs something to do during the band’s hiatus, he’s always welcome as an editor over here!

(Image via Twitter.)

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