Yes, the Internet Is *Still* Buzzing Over Harry Styles’ Entire Brits Look

Did you see that handbag, though? *Chef's kiss*

I know, I know, every time Harry Styles does a thing, the internet falls in love a little bit more, but we need to talk about his surprise appearance at the May 11th Brit Awards, and why we’ve…fallen in love a little more.

Styles was nominated for Best British Single for his Grammy-winning song “Watermelon Sugar,” but no one expected him to show up to the award show to claim his prize. I’m not surprised, though, that he showed up looking the way he did. His style, especially over the past couple years, has absolutely flourished, and this patterned brown Gucci suit just makes sense. What made the whole look even better was the trifecta of his super-short hair (for his current film My Policeman), his Gucci sneakers, and his brown top-handle handbag.

Styles, you’ve done it again! It’s so retro and so different, but for you, it works.

Let’s really take in the entire look from head to toe. Behold:

Harry Styles

Drink it in, folks. Really embrace it, because this is a whole *look.* He, of course, included his signature jewelry, including more rings than anyone can count, his matching manicure, and a smile for days.

Twitter collectively lost its shit when Styles took the stage last night, thanks to the shock of seeing him at the show. However, of all the award shows, the Brits—England’s biggest music award show—seem to be the closest to Styles’ heart. He’s performed on the Brits stage multiple times and collected a handful of awards over the years, so it’s actually not *too* surprising that if he was going to pick an award show to attend, it’d be this one in his home country.

Anyways, that’s been the highlight of my week, and I thank you all for coming along on this journey with me while we discuss the magic that is Harry Styles.

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