Harry Styles left a $2,020 tip in honor of the New Year, and we’re in love

We’re not going to lie, we got a serious case of FOMO when we heard that Harry Styles, Adele, and James Corden were on vacation together, ringing in the new year on the British Virgin Islands of Anguilla and St. Thomas. This truly sounds like a dream getaway on all counts. But even better than the amazing photos of the longtime pals on the beach together is the news that Styles left a very generous tip after the three pals dined together, melting our hearts in the process.

A restaurant employee from the St. Thomas Restaurant Group shared photos of himself with Corden and Styles on Sunday, January 5th, and we already wished we could be a part of these incredible selfies. But it was his photo of the group’s receipt, showing that the “Watermelon Sugar” singer left a $2,020 tip on a $472.50 bill, adding a “Happy New Year” message, that has us in a tizzy.

"Big ups to @harrystyles for taking care of Mr Big Life!" the server wrote on Instagram. "Happy new year guys!"

Harry, we “Adore You.” Plain and simple.


Needless to say, Styles, Corden, and Adele (absent from the selfies) made some great new friends while on vacation.



Styles appears to be following in Donnie Wahlberg’s footsteps, after Wahlberg left a $2,020 tip for a restaurant employee in Michigan on New Year’s Day. After his wife, Jenny McCarthy, shared the story on social media, CNN reported that other users began leaving $20.20 tips of their own at coffee shops and restaurants alike, because spreading a little kindness—even if you’re not ballin’ on a Harry Styles budget—is always a great way to start a new year off right.

We hope the trio is having an amazing trip, and we love to hear these sweet stories of celebrities being kind where they can. Keep ’em coming!

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