The internet can’t decide if this guy looks like Harry Potter or Zayn Malik

Accio doppelgänger! Last week, Twitter user Tallie Dar posted a couple of totally innocent selfies to his account, likely not expecting any sort of reaction. But the internet decided he looks just like Harry Potter and Zayn Malik, and — as with all things viral — people are freaking the eff out.

There’s truly nothing we love more than a good celebrity doppelgänger, but this one is particularly wild because it could be one of TWO of our favorite people (yes, we know, we know; one of them is technically fictional…but you know what we mean). And the internet is so divided right now.

Tallie posted the selfies side-by-side, captioning them “you’re a wizard harry,” a nod to his round eyeglasses and adorably nerdy good looks.

But then some eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed that he actually kinda looks like Zayn. In fact, here’s a shot of Zayn for reference:

Do you see it? Twitter definitely DOES. false

One fan was desperate to know when “Zayn” would be dropping his new album (and…same).

Another wanted to know if he planned on joining 1D again…LOL. false

And another simply sees both, coining him “Zayn Potter.”

It seems like Tallie sees the resemblance, but he had one question for all his adoring new fans…where can he find his own Gigi Hadid?

Awww! Whether you’re team Harry or team Zayn in this fight: one thing is for sure, these adorable sleepy selfies have put a spell on the internet.

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