The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will apparently cost a lot more this summer

If you’re planning a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this summer, start saving up your Sickles. Universal Studios in  Orlando, Florida has increased their ticket prices, and it’s going to cost you a little (actually, a lot) more to spend a day wandering around Hogsmead.

Every year, right around this time, theme parks across the country (namely, Universal Studios and Disney) slightly raise their admission prices — ahead of the summer rush, of course. This year, Universal is the first to get a jump on the price hike, and has bump tickets from $102, up to $105. Already, paying over $100 is A LOT for a day of fun in the sun and roller coasters. Now, it’s going to be $3 more.

Also, this is the cost for a one-park ticket. If you want to travel, via Hogwarts express, over to Diagon Alley, that’ll cost you more, too. A 2-park ticket has gone from $147 to $155.

It might not sound like a lot of money, but take into account that you could be purchasing multiple tickets (for family and friends), along with the cost to park your car, food you’re going to buy, and any souvenirs. A day at the park will now easily will cost you over $200, and that’s a lot to drop for a glass of Butterbeer and one ride on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (unless the wait is short, and you get lucky, and ride it TWICE).

Universal Studios Hollywood — the future location of a Wizarding World of Harry Potter — hasn’t touched their ticket prices recently, so they could increase in the near future, too. And with Universal’s price hike, you know that Disney isn’t that far behind in doing the same. So start saving up your Sickles and Disney Dollars.

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