These Harry Potter wedding cakes are going to make you want to say “I do”

If there’s one thing we love about weddings, you know, aside from the love and marriage stuff, it’s CAKE. We didn’t realize it was possible, but wedding cakes just got EVEN BETTER. Some amazing human beings decided to turn their wedding cakes into Harry Potter-themed cakes, and they’re incredible.

We have no doubt that the cakes tasted as good as they look, because duh, all cake tastes good.

It’s hard to decide if we’re more in awe of the couples who had the brilliant idea of actually going for Harry Potter cakes, or the people who actually made and designed the cakes. But we do know one thing for sure — we need these cakes in our lives ASAP.

Like this extravagant four-tier cake and all of its intricate details from the magical world of Harry Potter.

And this cake made out of three Harry Potter books and two adorable cake toppers who happen to look very similar to both the bride and groom AND Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

We LOVE this wedding cake and all of the trinkets included. It’s almost too pretty and perfect to eat. Almost.

Snitch cake topper anyone? Yes, please.

Holy Hogwarts, a wedding cake made out of school trunks, spellbooks, and the Daily Prophet. The talent of some humans truly is incredible.

There’s no better way to figure out which friends and family you like most than to make them choose between the four Hogwarts houses.

These Hogwarts details are INSANE.

Now this is one delicious-looking Sorting Hat.

OK, we officially want to say “I do.” Maybe just to this cake though.

If any of you brides- or grooms-to-be decide to go with a Harry Potter wedding cake, save a slice! Seriously. We want some.

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