Stop everything, because there’s a “Harry Potter” walking tour of London

Decades may have passed since we were *supposed* to get our Hogwarts acceptance letters in the owl post at age 11 (though I’m still holding onto that hope, TBH), but we’ve officially been given the next-best thing: a Harry Potter walking tour of London.


Previously, we could hit up Platform 9 3/4 and pose with our appropriate house scarf (Hufflepuff forever), but now, we can extend it into a full wizard’s tour. J.K. Rowling and Pottermore have teamed up with Time Out London to create a Harry Potter self-guided tour, and it couldn’t be more magical. Although we obviously can’t go to Hogwarts or enjoy some butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, we can now at least visit the spots shown in the films.

The map features four London locations from the books and 15 spots from the movies, including the London Zoo Reptile House (where Harry meets the Brazilian snake in the first film) or Vauxhall Road (where pre-Voldemort Tom Riddle bought his diary to be used as a Horcrux).


Muggles, before your next London holiday, make sure to hit up Time Out‘s detailed description of each spot to make your English vacation *truly* magical. That said, we’re still holding out for that Hogwarts acceptance letter, obvs.

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