These unreleased “Harry Potter” book covers are so gorgeous, we’re going to frame them

You might already own enough Harry Potter stuff to fill a Gringotts vault, but what’s the harm in one more thing? Besides, this one will hang on your wall, not sit on a shelf. Graphic designer Olly Moss just released the outtakes from his Harry Potter covers pitch, and they’re the most magical things we’ve ever seen.

In 2015, Moss, who is best known for his gorgeous alternative movie posters, was commissioned to redesign a new set of book covers for the iconic book series. While Bloomsbury ended up choosing the optical illusion covers — featuring a key moment or element from each of the books with a hidden message in each — Moss has finally been allowed to share the other ideas he submitted, and they will blow you away.

The other five ideas range from traditional illustrations to silhouettes of Harry and variations of Hogwarts, each with a personalized book twist. Moss’s optical illusion covers were published for e-book and Audible editions of the series and can even be bought as prints in the Pottermore store. The “Hogwarts” collection was also used for the German edition of the audiobooks and were briefly available in poster form. Unfortunately, Moss’s outtakes aren’t being sold in print form yet, but we’re hoping Pottermore makes them available ASAP because we want them all. If you really need them right this instant, Moss has released them all as a PDF.

The graphic designer isn’t a stranger to the rest of the Harry Potter universe — he recently redesigned the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them e-book cover as part of the Comic Relief re-release.

Moss revealed via Twitter that he was initially asked to submit a sample cover for one, but he went a little bit overboard due to excitement. He tweeted,”They asked for one sketch for one book but I really, really, really wanted to win it.”

We totally get it. We’re going overboard just looking at the pitches, and we’ll be petitioning Pottermore to release the unused pitches as posters and prints.

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