This illustrator imagines what happens in the Harry Potter universe when we’re not around, and LOL

The Harry Potter series is marked by adventure, danger, and tremendous amounts of heroism. But because there was always so much harrowing wizarding drama, readers never really got a chance to see what life was like when characters weren’t facing certain death. Artist Sarah Dunlavey took matters into her own hands and imagined the Harry Potter moments we didn’t see on the page (or screen). Her series of comics follows the Hogwarts faculty—led by Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall—with cameos from Harry and other students.

As Dunlavey imagines it, downtime at Hogwarts—like anywhere—is mostly full of birthdays, gossip, and the occasional bad idea. LOL. Here are some of our favorite moments:

Dumbledore buys McGonagall the perfect birthday gift:

An imagined (but more realistic) take on what actually happened during the founding of Hogwarts:

Some, er, catty gossip with Professor Umbridge:

An alternative version of Harry’s arrival at 4 Privet Drive:

The gross realities of using the same magical Sorting Hat year after year:

Bravo, Ms. Dunlavey. This made our week. You can see more of her amazing work (much of it Harry Potter related) on her Instagram.

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