Someone made a “Harry Potter” trailer that channels “Star Wars” vibes in the best way

There’s nothing like a good film score to really set the tone for a story. Famous character themes sometimes become as famous as the characters themselves. So what happens if you combine the iconic film score to a tailer for a totally different (but just as epic) movie?

Well, the result is spine-tinglingly fun to watch. We know that for a fact thanks to UK-based screenwriter and filmmaker Jonny Holloway who brilliantly recut Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to the music of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The heart-pounding deep beats mixed with the chillingly familiar sounds make us feel transformed to a galaxy far, far away. But the characters we see and the dialogue we hear aren’t so much for a different galaxy, the just exist in a more magical realm. It gives the Harry Potter movie so much excited tension, you may forget you already saw it (over a dozen times).

Jonny not only nails the intensity of both movies in his trailer, but he also organically points out something really interesting. He calls it a “modern trailer” for the movie, mirroring it after the first Force Awakens trailer that had everybody beside themselves with excitement. And, in doing so, shows us that not only do our movies transform and change over time, but our movie trailers do the same. While it’s (of course) really fun to recut the movies into totally different genres so we can see them in totally different lights (like Mrs. Doubtfire recut as a horror movie), it’s even cooler to keep the tone and feeling of the movie in tact despite completely transforming the music and style.

Watch it and enjoy it for yourself.

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