No underage wizards allowed for these Harry Potter-themed shots

Calling all of-age witches and wizards! We just found some amazing recipes for Harry Potter-themed shots posted by Graphic Nerdity. These shots — lovingly referred to as Harry Shotters, if you will — give a whole new meaning to Potions Class.

Each shot has a punny name like Expecto Patron or Triwhiskey Cup that cleverly combines alcoholic beverages with Harry Potter references. Whatever your preference — tequila, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey — there’s a shooter for you. Some of them sound more appetizing than others, but they’re all amazingly creative!

These shot recipes are the perfect excuse to throw a Harry Potter-themed party. “Other shooters that didn’t make the cut: Lord Vodkamort, Flourish & Blattoed, and Cognac McLaggen,” Graphic Nerdity writes. Accio shot glasses! If you aren’t old enough to enjoy these shooters yet, you can definitely sip on some non-alcoholic Butterbeer.  

We don’t know what we love more, the fact that these Potter-themed drinks exist, or the gorgeous, art-worthy renderings from MRDesign on Facebook.

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