Where was this ‘Harry Potter’-themed dorm when we were in college?

When I was in college, the most decorating the resident advisor of my dorm floor did was hang a sign on the bathroom door that read, “Please don’t pee on the toilet seats.” Even though there was nothing welcoming or exciting about my dorm, I still managed to make it through freshman year as a happy college student (granted, I switched dorms halfway through the year, but that’s another story).

One resident advisor at Ohio State University did pretty much the exact opposite of that. Tyler the RA made the dorm living experience for his fellow college students way better than probably any RA ever in existence. He decorated the entire floor in all things Harry Potter. Seriously, all things. The floor’s “World of Harry Potter” theme is pretty spot on to what it would be like to live at Hogwarts, if Hogwarts was made out of paper and cotton balls. But still, we love it.

Tyler divided all the students into the four Hogwarts houses, and they are all able to earn points for things like getting good grades or taking a picture with the school’s mascot. The walls are decorated with images of dementors, a suit of armor, an owl, the Flying Ford Anglia, flying keys, a series of spiders and a large basilisk. All students have their own door decoration — whether they’ve read the books, seen the movies or none of the above.

We hope the residents of the coolest dorm floor ever have an appreciation for the dedication and amazingness of their RA. His decorative skills aren’t just impressive, they make for a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Tyler documented his Hogwarts interior design process and posted the photos to Imgur for the world to see/be jealous of, and we are.

(Featured image via Warner Bros)

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