This teacher just won the school year with her Harry Potter-themed classroom

If given the option of going back to school, or going back to Hogwarts School For Witchcraft and Wizardry, I think I know which one we’re all going to choose: Hogwarts. Like, that’s a silly question to ask. Of course, we’re going want to head back to the most magical castle on the planet, and start up our transfiguration lessons again.

Sadly, that’s not an option for us (but if it is an option for you, please, tell us more).  However, just because we can’t actually go back to Hogwarts this fall doesn’t mean we can’t still bring it to life inside the classroom. That’s exactly what one teacher did when she transformed her boring, white-wall classroom into a magical Harry Potter themed wonderland.

One Imgur user, 86thdj, posted a series of pictures to the site, showing off his wife’s classroom ready for back to school. Instead of decorating with numbers and letters, she’s decorated with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The door to the classroom actually has you push through “Platform 9 3/4” to get inside, and there’s a fireplace with Hogwarts letters in it, too.

No good wizarding classroom would be complete without potions at the ready to mix, and the classroom has Scabbers and Fluffy perched on the shelf. There are also Harry Potter quotes on the wall, for another added boost of inspiration and everything is done up in our favorite Harry Potter font, complete with little lightning bolts.

On Reddit, it’s explained that the user’s wife teaches special education classes, for grades 6 through 8. This year her classes are going to read the Harry Potter books, so why not completely immerse students in that world? Activities for the class will coincide with the events of the book, so when Harry gets his wand, the class will make wands. When it’s time for the sorting, the students will be sorted into houses, too.

Such an amazing classroom. Fifty points for this teacher.

Image via Warner Bros.