The ‘Harry Potter’ movies totally glossed over this super-sad description of Sirius and Lupin

It’s Wednesday. So that means this week is already long over due for a Harry Potter theory that will totally destroy you inside and was noticeably absent from the movie. Sorry in advance.

What’s it about today? It revolves around two of our dearly departed favorite characters: Remus Lupin (cries) and Sirius Black (cries even harder). In the book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, after they’ve both died, Harry Potter sees them one last time via the Resurrection Stone. The Resurrection Stone, you’ll remember, had the power to bring someone back from the dead, kind of, but only their form (like, a GHOST). During this final battle with Voldemort, Harry’s got the resurrection stone and sees the form of his mother and father, but also Lupin and Sirius.

As Tumblr user lilysevans points out, the forms of James and Lily Potter that we see from the Resurrection Stone show their likeness on the day they died. As for Lupin and Sirius, we do not see them as they died. The passage in the book reads:

Both are described as being younger, as in not having lived through Azkaban and rejection from society. What could this mean? Lilysevans suggests “[J. K. Rowling is] trying to imply that enough of Remus & Sirius died the day James & Lily died that when they came ‘back’ they were their 21 year old selves.”

When James and Lily died, Sirius believed it was his fault since he had talked them out of using him as a Secret Keeper. As for Remus, he knew James was dead, he believed Peter to be dead, and his last remaining friend was carted off to prison forever. Yeah, you could say both of them lots a HUGE part of themselves October 31, 1981. When Harry brought them back, they came back as their true selves, back when they were best friends.

During the movie, this isn’t the case. And maybe that’s for the best because it would have been nothing but uncontrollable crying. When Lupin and Sirius are brought back, they’re brought back the same age we last saw them. It’s also because of that movie omission, this little detail has been looked over for so many years but now it’s out there, and it’s here to wreck you all over again.

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